Project/Task Management

ROLE : UX Designer
Responsibilities : Wire-framing, prototyping, Usability testing
Project /Task management software is one stop tailor made software for all project and task management needs which includes creation, managing and tracking of projects/tasks
Project duration:
April– June 2021 (approx.)
The problem:
Multiple application to manage the tasks and dashboards are not intuitive for timely actions
The goal
Efficiently and effectively manage a team of project managers and assigned task

User research: summary

1.Typeof research you conducted :
Remote research  

2.Assumptions that you made going into the research:
Very difficult to conduct are search and eventually not much input will be produced

3.How your assumptions changed after conducting research:
When planned properly ,not hard to conduct a research and much inputs from the user will be produced fruitfully

User research: pain points

2. Market Software are not customizable

1. Multiple application to manage the tasks and dashboards are not intuitive for timely actions

3. Software used is not customizable to add metadata

4.Need to invest extra time to learn software
in addition to my assigned work


Maryam's Problem statement

Maryam is a Head of PMO who needs simple &  intuitive software because to manage team task/project

User journey map

User journey map takes one step closer to user actions (granular details of user actions)

Paper wireframes

Paper wireframe are the starting of creative process, ideas flows through your mind when you pen down

Digital wireframes

Dashboard– Timely action will be taken based on the prioritiesand severity of project

Task/Project–Detailed view where assigned team, timeline, task, subtasks, completion status, tentative date view

Low-fidelity prototype

Usability study: findings

Usability study was conducted remotely with 2 main personas
1. Manager
2. Reportees below are the following findings

Round 1 findings

1. User expected filter and sorting
2. Types of dashboard view to see overall timeline
3. Create new Task CTA not prominent

Round 2 findings

1. Not easy to see project tentative completion date
2. Expected search feature
3. Difficult to add timeline and team members


Change of feature based on priority

Upfront displaying of primary actions

High-fidelity prototype

Accessibility considerations

1. AAColor contrast for clear contrast between foreground text and background

2. Primary action in the reach user thumb without taking extra efforts

3. content for both orientation