Free meal for deserving

Responsibilities :

Wire-framing, prototyping, Usability testing

Role :

UX Designer

Product :

Free meal for deserving is an nonprofit organization, whose primary goal is to provide meal for deserving citizens/residents like homeless , jobless etc, providing digital services via mobile apps

Problem :

No digital unified app in the market to cater free food for deserving people For example jobless, homeless due to COVID


Unify all the volunteer meal providers via digital platform to serve free food for deserving people hassle free

Paper wireframes

Paper wireframe are the starting of creative process, ideas flows through your mind when you pen down

Design choices

Chose Choice A since contextual information is given for the specific feature

Chose Choice B since primary action ”Make a meal request” is placed at multiple places

Low fidelity wireframe
Usability study: findings

Usability study was conducted remotely with 2 main personas

  1. Lost job due to covid
  2. Physically challenged person. Below are the following findings
Round 1 findings
  1. User door delivery for meal
  2. Filtering should be improved
  3. Meal request should be prominent
Round 2 findings
  1. Place to find all meal request
  2. Needs introduction about the app feature
  3. Difficult to add timeline and team members

Given contextual information regarding the feature

Made primary action ”Mealrequest” more prominent and access by 2 ways•Added more filtering option

High-fidelity prototype

Dashboard– Timely action will be taken based on the prioritiesand severity of project

Accessibility considerations

AAColor contrast for clear contrast between foreground text and background

Primary action in the reach user thumb without taking extra efforts

Seamless experience across device