Local search

Responsibilities :

Wire-framing, prototyping, Usability testing

Role :

UX Designer

Product :

LocalBusiness Search Engine is the one stop software to search ,explore the local business near you to expand your business network

Problem :

Existing software have complex business categorization and sub categorization, eventually hard to search the intended


Efficiently and effectively search and network local business near you

Low fidelity wireframe
Usability study: findings

Usability study was conducted remotely with 2 main personas

  1. Manager
  2. Reportees below are the following findings
Round 1 findings
  1. User expected filter and sorting
  2. Types of dashboard view to see overall timeline
  3. Search suggestion should be included
Round 2 findings
  1. Not easy to see contact details and call
  2. Expected advanced search feature

Visual cue for page scroll

High-fidelity prototype
Accessibility considerations

AAColor contrast for clear contrast between foreground text and background

Image with alt text is advised speaking user language

Made sure all readable text are above 16px and line height of x1.5 px