B2B Ecommerce

Responsibilities :

Heuristic evaluation, Competitor analysis , ideation & wireframing

Role :

UX Designer

Product :

Software provides solution for managing Business to Business sales , service, delivery and transactions

Problem :

grouping the information in order tracking. Users should be able to track their purchases of mobile plans, devices and add-ons.


To built a revamped journey for after purchase product and service

User research : Secondary
User Interview - Document analysis
  1. I did some secondary research on order tracking websites on “How might we improve the experience for tracking order? “
  2. Got some inference while skimming through the applications
Heuristic Evaluation
  • 13 – 15 points has been noted and addressed in the new design rationale
  • Additionally, design is enhanced with best practices
  • Unable to do an extensive evaluation since there is missing of flow
  • And since it is wireframe, lot of typos are misleading the functional understanding
Paper wireframes
Low fidelity wireframe
Digital wireframe
Redesign Suggestion