Retail Ecommerce

Responsibilities :

Wire-framing, prototyping, Usability testing

Role :

UX Designer

Product :

One of the top 5 retails gaint in MENA and Europe hich sells retails product via ecommerce and brick & motor store

Problem :

Shopping list is a key feature designed to enhance the online shopping experience, and after doing a primary research, we identified that customers are not fully utilizing this feature on our platforms.


To design a shopping list flow that could motivate the customers to utilize this feature for a better shopping experience..

User research : Secondary
User Interview - Document analysis
  1. I had chance to vet through user interview document which was purchased year ago from a design agency
  2. Though the user interview document is geographic and time specific, I was able to infer pertaining to “Shopping List ”online shopping experience
User research : Primary
User interview ( Qualitative analysis)
  1. Type of research you conducted : Remote research
  2. Number of participants: 15 Participanrepresenting 8 Nationalities
  3. Summary
    • I conducted a quick win remote user interview via WhatsApp chat where 10 open/close ended questions were texted to them
    • Participants replied by text/Voice notes/replied in person
    • Follow-up question were asked and noted via voice notes, calls and in person
User pain points & needs

User finds difficulty to shop online since user prefers reordering the recurring grocery items rather than creating and ordering the list

User unable to navigate and locate the “Shopping List” feature

User is frustrated and expects to add the selected shopping list items to “add to cart”

User prefers the shopping list behave like a checklist for both online and offline shopping and share the list to his/her partner or room mates

Persona 1 : Problem statement

Ahmed is managing expenses and grocery inventory at home, he needs a feature to order recurring item hassle-free because to save time

Persona 2 : Problem statement

Lama is busy professional , she needs a feature to forecast price drops of products and easily purchase online because to have budget friendly shopping and to jump long queues

Competitor Analysis - Direct Competitors
Competitor Analysis - Indirect Competitors
Crazy 8 Ideas

Sketched 8 crazy ideas based on the user needs and pain points(Duration : 8 min)

Paper wireframe

Before proceeding to the digital wireframe , sketched down the instance of the flow

Digital wireframe
Low fidelity wireframe

Before proceeding to the digital wireframe , sketched down the instance of the flow

Rationale for Customer Motivation to use “Shopping List”
Final thoughts - Task Vs User research

Most users were not aware and unable to locate “shopping list “ in the mobile app

Some users understood it as the Grocery TODO list , for the same they are more convenient writing in paper or to do collaborative apps

Some user find easy to order from the previous orders rather creating lists especially grocery /recurring items